26 February 2020

New Case Study: House in a Garden

TRADA image

Tucked behind two rows of tall 1840s Victorian villas in Notting Hill, London, is a modern single-storey house with a truly dramatic roof, its exposed timber frame rising in an elegant double curve to a glazed oculus. The house stands on a site formerly occupied by a dilapidated bungalow, hidden away and reached only by a narrow passage between the villas. But the bungalow could be seen by the architect Gianni Botsford, from the window of his upper floor apartment and in 2010, intrigued by its possibilities for development, he bought it.


It was a project which came with almost overwhelming constraints: severe constrictions on access and, in particular, the need to achieve privacy and light on a site overlooked on three sides by tall houses, while avoiding intrusion into the views and outlook of close neighbours. It meant that the new house had to be single storey, with extra accommodation achieved by creating two basement floors. To control and distribute daylight down to these two lower levels, they are flanked by light wells and gardens, which have been modelled using solar analysis tools.


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