22 February 2021

Member News: Rothoblaas launches international design competition

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Following a four-year collaboration with the University of Innsbruck and several certification bodies, Rothoblaas has developed two innovative product families SPIDER and PILLAR – cutting-edge connectors that simplify building timber structures.


SPIDER is a connection and reinforcement system for columns and floors which enables the construction of multi-storey buildings with column-to-floor structures. The steel core of the system prevents the CLT panels from being crushed and allows more than 5000 kN of vertical load to be transferred between the columns, while the arms of the system ensure the punching shear reinforcement of the CLT panels, allowing exceptional shear strength values. SPIDER offers the possibility to create free spans higher than 6.0 x 6.0 metres even without special connections between panels.


PILLAR is a column-to-floor connection system designed for the construction of CLT flat floors located directly on the columns, without the use of lowered beams. It allows the transfer of more than 5000 kN of vertical force between the pillars and resists compression up to more than 500 tons thanks to its central core.


To celebrate this development of new technologies, Rothoblaas is launching the BUILD THE (IM)POSSIBLE competition. Its goal is to provide international visibility to innovative architectural projects and to further inspire the take-up of timber as a tool to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry. It is an exciting opportunity to show off your skills as a timber designer.


Who can enter?

The competition is open to projects in which flat floors, placed precisely through SPIDER and/or PILLAR systems, are used. The projects can be submitted at all stages: preliminary, final or executive design, as well as projects under construction or which have participated in competitions for ideas. Both projects where this construction method is used in the whole building and projects where this is only partially used are allowed.


Sign up now for your chance to win the ultimate ‘timber tour’. Begin at Rothoblaas’ Italian headquarters where you’ll get access to the notable Mass Timber Seminar, attend the prestigious Forum Holzbau in Innsbruck, and receive visibility for your project across their communication channels.


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