26 October 2020

Introduction to Eurocode 5 WIS revised to account for upcoming 2nd gen Eurocodes

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All Eurocodes undergo a systematic review every 5 years, with amendments released afterwards if necessary. This is the mechanism with which innovations and state of the art in design is brought into the Eurocodes.


Most recent updates to the Eurocode 5 family of standards were released as the second amendments in 2014. A second generation of Eurocode 5, which is currently being developed, are expected to be available for public use after 2023. In the meantime, the most up-to-date Eurocode 5 parts to be used for UK design are referenced in this WIS. While capturing research output since 2004, these new standards will also attempt to reduce the number of nationally determined parameters, further simplifying the cross-border design across member states.


The second generation will also include:

  • general design rules for CLT;
  • a further service class to account for fully submerged timber structures;
  • further guidance on minimum coating thicknesses for each service class for various types of fastener;
  • detailed information on the limits for notches and holes to prevent splitting of timber members;
  • enhanced section on serviceability dealing with the requirements for limiting deflection and vibration, giving principles and equations for calculations; and
  • glued-in rods.


The overarching aim of the second generation of Eurocodes is to incorporate new topics of interest to the member countries, and to improve the ease of use of the Eurocodes by taking into account the user feedback received through the systematic review process.


Major changes to the WIS

  • Discussion around the second generation of Eurocodes and what they will include.
  • Confirmation that Eurocodes will continue to be recognised in the UK, even beyond the transition period.
  • More detail on the BS EN 1995 family of standards – with descriptions of what each standard covers – along with additional information on the UK National Annexes and PD 6693.
  • The section on strength grading has been expanded upon.


Members can download a free copy of the WIS Introduction to Eurocode 5. WIS sheets are available to non-members too – purchase a PDF or a hardcopy at the TRADA Bookshop.