25 November 2020

Hanson Plywood reveals new virtual showroom

TRADA image

Earlier this month, Hanson Plywood revealed a new virtual showroom which enables architects, designers and specifiers to view a range of the products and services Hanson Plywood provides, along with accompanying technical data and information.


Even before the pandemic, the West Yorkshire-based wood panel products company had been exploring methods of streamlining access to their operations and services, and allowing businesses and individuals to retrieve detailed technical information about their products.


The arrival of Covid-19 encouraged Hanson Plywood to plough ahead with their efforts, since a virtual showroom would allow potential customers to learn more about Hanson Plywood without close social interaction and any of the risk associated with it. As a result, the showroom hosts as much relevant information as possible – allowing you to take next steps with the company from the comfort of your own home or office.


In addition to the detailed technical product guides, the virtual showroom also hosts a downloadable copy of Hanson Plywood’s 2021 brochure next to the reception desk, and a virtual library which is stocked with all of their latest publications – including suppliers’ technical information. Visitors can also ask staff any questions about the products and the showroom itself via an integrated live chat feature.


Gary Scott, Managing Director, commented: ‘We’re delighted that our friends at TRADA were so keen to take a close look around our newly opened Hanson Plywood Virtual Showroom and also help us with some good ideas and suggestions.


‘Our aim is to create a comprehensive and informative resource for industry which is presented in a constantly evolving and up-to-date visual experience.


‘The assistance and support we receive from organisations such as TRADA is of great value to us as we endeavour to build the Showroom to the optimum benefit of our visitor audiences.’


The showroom, which you can visit for yourself here, is among the first of its kind in the timber industry and, as Hanson Plywood looks to add more features in the future, TRADA looks forward to seeing how it develops in the months to come.