23 July 2018

Getting the best out of decking

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With top tips for maintaining and ensuring a long life for your decking area and advice on selecting the ideal timber for your garden environment, TRADA’s article: Getting the best out of decking guides you through the decking maze. 


With the UK basking in a heatwave that could turn out to be the hottest summer on record, many of us are making the most of the balmy evenings to dine al fresco. 


High quality timber decking gives aesthetic appeal in harmony with your garden and nature, creating a warm, ambient entertainment space for social gatherings. 


The correct installation and maintenance of timber decking is key if you want to avoid problems further down the line.  


Getting the best out of decking, featured in the TRADA’s Timber 2018 Industry Yearbook, provides many of the answers to the decking questions raised by members on its busy advice line. 


From top tips for maintaining and ensuring a long life for your decking area, to selecting the ideal timber for your garden environment, advice on which fixings to use and the correct gap size to implement between boards, and guidance on high elevation decking or balconies, TRADA guides you through the decking maze.

To read the full article, which is taken from the Timber 2018 Industry Yearbook, please click here 


Timber Decking: The Professionals' Manual 3rd edition will be available from the TRADA Bookshop later this year.