05 July 2021

Fundamentals of timber – Up next: Trees and the nature of wood

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Learn with TRADA Live: Fundamentals of timber provides a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of timber and is intended as an introductory resource for newcomers to the material and those looking to construct a strong foundational layer of knowledge upon which to build with the support of a trusted authority like TRADA.


The next session is Trees and the nature of wood with Phil O’Leary, Technical Manager, at BM TRADA.


Phil will cover the following: what a tree is and how its growth strategies affect its properties; basic cell structure; nomenclature and classification; what is in a name, e.g. softwood, hardwood, evergreen, trade name, commercial name, and local name; and timber species – common commercial and not so common.



Tuesday, 14 September 2021
12:00–13:00 (UK time)



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About the speaker

Phil O’Leary, Technical Manager, BM TRADA

Phil is responsible for leading BM TRADA’s Timber Consultancy – the UK’s pre-eminent team of timber experts – whose specialist areas are structural condition surveys (condition, defects and remedial), in-situ visual grading (justification of enhanced design values), fungal and insect attack, ongoing monitoring, moisture content monitoring, inspection and maintenance programs, and on site failure investigation.


Phil’s particular expertise is in the quality, grading, performance characteristics, deterioration and preservation of different kinds of timber for different uses. He has carried out inspections of many industrial infrastructures, including railway, marine piers, critical cooling towers at nuclear plants and power stations, MOD structures and National Air Traffic Services communication towers.


He has served as an expert witness in establishing the causes of timber failures in, for example, roofs, bridges, decks, boats, temporary stages, walkways, playground equipment, scaffold boards and tool handles.


As well as leading the Timber Consultancy team, Phil is responsible for their highly regarded series of standard and bespoke training courses. Phil sits on the BSI’s Wood Preservation Committee and the Wood Protection Association’s Technical Committee.


Tanalith™ high pressure wood preservative offers reliable and consistent long-term protection against fungal and insect attack (including termites) for construction, fencing and landscaping timbers.


With the full range of products Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorised across Europe, and with years of proven performance, Tanalith™ has evolved to meet the changing requirements of the regulatory environment and needs of the specifiers.