28 June 2021

Fundamentals of timber: Designed with the timber industry in mind

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The skills shortage has been on the timber industry’s agenda for a long time. Within TRADA, too, the urgency to respond with an appropriate solution has been a matter of priority; it’s ingrained in TRADA’s mission statement and underlies new events or resources as they are released.


Regardless of how long you have been following TRADA, you will know the matter has taken precedence. In the last few years alone, discussion on the subject has appeared across our activities, seminar programmes, conferences and industry articles.


This is because the skills shortage affects all sorts of crucial initiatives and campaigns across the UK and further afield, specifically the industry’s ability to meet the climate emergency, the housing shortage and building back post-Covid head-on. We can highlight the potency of timber in responding to these crises, but it is meaningless if we do not have the manpower or the expertise to meet a rising demand.


The latest Learn with TRADA Live series Fundamentals of timber, announced last month, was conceived with this in mind after ongoing discussions with the timber industry. Its goal, therefore, is to provide attendees with a concise and straightforward curriculum around which to develop a foundational layer of timber knowledge. It will cover a whole host of topics across the remainder of 2021, with five online sessions scheduled from July to December.


It will be best enjoyed by:

  • timber industry staff, for whom an understanding of the material will best position them to cross- and up-sell timber products and services; and
  • newcomers to the material who are involved with the built environment.


David Hallam, Joinery Technical and Certification Manager, Arnold Laver, attended a previous Learn with TRADA Live session. He said: “The webinar was great. Our team enjoyed it and found it highly informative. We’d all be interested in attending future sessions.”


Each session is FREE for members (including the students of all university members) as it is a members’ benefit. Call 01494 569603 or email membership@trada.co.uk if you are unsure of your status. Non-members can attend for just £30 + VAT.


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Think your staff would benefit?

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