27 April 2020

Environmental aspects of wood LR: Updated content and a new Q&A format

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TRADA aspires to see timber taught as an equal to other materials throughout UK higher education courses. To aid this process, it produces the dedicated series Learning Resources (LR), an introductory series designed for lecturers and students of engineering, architecture and the built environment. While they are written with the intention of supporting both teaching and learning requirements in higher education, the series is helpful to all those who are still solidifying the foundations of their knowledge.


The series encompasses 63 units across 8 modules, of which the LR Environmental aspects of wood is the latest to receive content updates and brand new Q&A documents. Since we are in the midst of a climate crisis, and the use of timber in construction has become increasingly popular as a direct result of its environmental merits, this module has been reviewed in detail and updated to reflect the latest available information and figures.


In particular, waste wood reuse and recycling, UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emission figures, UK carbon budget commitments and changes to the UK net-zero GHG commitments are included in the updates.


Included in the module update are brand new Q&A documents.


Questions sheet for students

This document asks two short answer essay questions linked to the information provided in the Environmental aspects of wood module or material cited in the further reading list contained within each unit.


Questions & Answers sheet for lecturers

This document is designed to be used alongside the student Questions sheet above and provides model answer details in a new checklist table format intended to give lecturers a broader idea of answers they would expect to see and to mirror the different styles students write in. This answer table gives clear marking guidance for lecturers, highlighting key points/topics which should be present in essays, together with comprehensive references.


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