19 October 2021

Demonstrating the potential of using sustainably-sourced tropical wood at COP26

TRADA image

Together with Cities4Forests, Glasgow will showcase tropical forest conservation and the use of sustainable forest products through the Partner Forests program as the host of 2021’s UN Climate Conference (COP26).


As part of the city council’s COP26 programme, Cities4Forests is designing a boardwalk made from sustainable hardwood sourced from the Carmelita, AFISAP, and CUSTOSEL community concessions in Petén, Guatemala, and Iwokrama concessions in Guyana.


The community’s world-renowned forest management generates revenue to help to protect the region’s intact rainforest while supporting local livelihoods.


Trees and forests have been a key part of Glasgow’s story through the city’s history, as forests and their services underpinned the city’s historic rise as a centre for shipbuilding, industry, and trade. Glasgow is a world leader in enhancing urban forests and green space, protecting and restoring forests near the city, and will use this momentum to support tropical forest conservation through the purchase of sustainable forest products through a Partner Forest program.


Visitors to COP26 can see the boardwalk at the Sustainable Glasgow Landing site and the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre. At the latter site, the boardwalk will connect the many pavilions showcasing low carbon building innovation in the COP-adjacent "Sustainable Timber District" while helping to inspire other city leaders to invest in faraway forest conservation, which has some of the greatest returns on climate investment. This demonstration is one of many events being led by Cities4Forests during COP26. For more information and to register, please visit www.partnerforests.org/cop26.


The boardwalk will be a demonstration of Glasgow’s future Partner Forest program, and the wood reused for the program’s pilot project. There are still opportunities for your city or company to be involved in the Partner Forests Program!


For more information or to start a conversation, please contact Scott Francisco, Director, Cities4Forests