24 April 2018

Cross-laminated timber book now available for members to read online

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Cross-laminated timber: Design and performance demonstrates the versatility of CLT construction as an engineered timber solution, sometimes also used in conjunction with glued laminated timber beams. It provides clear and helpful recommendations to assist architects, engineers and their clients who are increasingly looking for sustainable, efficient structural solutions.


This ground-breaking publication was written with the support of leaders in architecture, engineering, contracting and manufacturing, drawing on the expertise of several pioneering members including:  Waugh Thistleton, Ramboll, Eurban, Arup, B&K Structures, KLH UK and Stora Enso.


Members can access Cross-laminated timber: Design and performance quickly and easily. Simply click on the ‘Wood Information’ tab on the main menu bar and follow the link to ‘Books Online’. You can browse the book, skip to a specific chapter, or simply get a taste for whether it’s the book for you.


If you like what you see and want a hard copy of the book to share with colleagues for easy reference, visit the TRADA Bookshop. TRADA members enjoy 35% off all TRADA published books and special offers on other publishers’ books, including British Standards.


Members can view a plethora of free information, detailed drawings, charts, figures and guidance across all 28 TRADA titles online. We carry hundreds of authoritative books and publications online, dedicated to inspiring and informing best practice design, specification and use of wood in the built environment and related fields.


TRADA member discount of 35% applies to TRADA published books purchased at the TRADA Bookshop. Cross-laminated timber: Design and performance costs £39 (RRP £60).