28 August 2019

Case Study: The Department Store, Brixton, London

TRADA image

In 2015, the architectural practice Squire and Partners purchased a dilapidated three storey department store in the centre of Brixton. Revived and restored, it is now the headquarters of the practice and houses more than 250 staff, as well as a series of creative and retail units at street level.


In addition, the building is also a showcase for some of the suppliers and craftspeople who work for the practice – and as a venue for events. Restoration has revealed the Edwardian structure and the many original artistic features, while at rooftop level a new floor has been added, topped by a series of dramatic oak-framed mansard lanterns. These act as pavilions which enclose a staff bar, café, restaurant and kitchen, and support large rooflights which flood the interior with natural light. The exposed oak structure imparts a warm, natural quality to these spaces.


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