20 May 2021

Accoya helps create an ecological learning environment

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The Netherlands’ first fully ecological school De Verwondering incorporates Accoya wood, most notably in a unique pedestrian bridge that guides students to the building.


The elementary school De Verwondering proudly welcomed its students to the new ecological building at the end of February 2021.


De Verwondering, also known as the Netherlands’ first fully ecological school, is continuously engaged in making its students aware of the importance of sustainability. Learning is not only happening at school, but also throughout the building. In this way, ecology is applied throughout the elementary school and provides not only its students but also its users with an optimal and pleasant environment.



It was therefore fundamental to incorporate the ecological character in the new building design and the application of biophilic design principles in the construction of this project.


Applications used in this project:


  • Windows & Doors
  • Cladding



Accoya wood – a sustainable product


Thanks to the ORGA Architect’s team, the project took on its ultimate ecological form. The school wanted to preserve its natural educational concept by using natural materials and biophilic elements. The choice to use sustainable products for the project was therefore self-evident.


Accoya wood was chosen for the cladding, banisters and planters in the school. Around the building, Accoya was used in the window frames, exterior doors and the roof garden wall covering. In addition, the pedestrian bridge that guides students to the building was also clad entirely in Accoya wood.


Project statistics

Location: Almere Nobelhorst, The Netherlands

Client: Gemeente Almere en Stichting Prisma

Architect: ORGA Architect

Constructor: Adviesbureau Lüning


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