11 November 2020

The Better Timber Buildings conference: Update on ensuring structural timber remains durable

Location: Online
Time: 10:00–12:00
Organiser: TRADA
Venue: None

It has always been the case – and will continue to be so – that the moisture levels of timber components used on buildings need to be managed to ensure their longevity and performance.


The arrival of cross-laminated timber (CLT) on the scene, with its own particular methods of manufacturing, gluing, species typically used and on-site construction methods, has necessitated a review and a deeper understanding of how to manage moisture effectively with this system in order to ensure we build long-lasting buildings.


It is for this reason that Stora Enso, one of the major suppliers of CLT into the UK, commissioned BM TRADA to undertake a methodical programme of work to gain this understanding – which we introduced at last year’s conference. The programme began in January 2020 and over 72 panels have been used in the programme, enabling a wide range of variables to be monitored to understand their negative or positive contribution. Once set up, the programme has generally required just one person to physically manage, making social distancing quite simple.


This session will therefore be able to pass on some much-needed advice – based on methodical testing rather than guesswork – which directly relates to CLT and also has much relevance to other structural engineered wood products.


We are also holding an online event about 'Meeting tighter fire regulations using structural timber' on 5 November. Find out more 









£30 +VAT per session

£15 +VAT per session



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