22 June 2021

Hybrid timber and steel construction

Location: Online
Time: 12:00 - 13:30
Organiser: TRADA

The Structural timber engineering series (May – June 2021) includes five sessions and delves into topics including: structural timber products, designing for durability, timber connections, and hybrid construction.

It will be of particular interest to lecturers and practising engineers.


Hybrid timber and steel construction with Alan Dowdall, Associate, Ramboll, and Kelly Harrison, Associate Director, Whitby Wood.


Timber is often used in conjunction with other structural materials, most notably steel. So Alan and Kelly take a look at some of the issues that arise when combining timber and steel; how to solve some of the more common problems; and summarise by
looking at situations where wood and steel go well together, drawing on each other’s positive attributes.

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