08 February 2019

Forest of Fabrication – dRMM: pioneers of timber architecture

Location: London
Time: Mon–Fri: 9.00am–6.00pm | Sat: 10.00am–5.00pm
Organiser: The Building Centre and dRMM
Venue: The Building Centre, Store Street, WC1E 7BT

The Building Centre and dRMM present engineered timber as a defining material of 21st Century architecture.


Forest of Fabrication demonstrates the possibilities of modern timber construction through the lens of Stirling Prize-winning architectural practice dRMM. The exhibition features twenty-four critically acclaimed projects that have pushed design boundaries through their exploration of the opportunities and challenges of timber structures. Forest of Fabrication will celebrate the capabilities of engineered timber; from concept to construction.


Featuring international projects and designers, the associated event programme will showcase the technologies enabling quicker off-site fabrication methods, analyse the commercial argument for cross laminated timber and celebrate the craft and beauty of exposed timber in contemporary architecture.


The Forest of Fabrication exhibition and events programme is curated by the Building Centre exhibitions team and dRMM, and supported by The Built Environment Trust.

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