An example of a timber structure built to Eurocode 5 specification


The Eurocodes are a suite of harmonized European standards developed by the European Committee for Standardisation. Applicable to all construction works across the European Union, these standards cover the following aspects of construction:


  • structural design
  • actions on structures
  • the design of concrete, steel, composite steel and concrete, timber, masonry and aluminium structures
  • geotechnical design
  • design of structures for earthquake resistance.


Eurocode 5 is the suite of standards specifically relating to timber structures. It replaces BS 5268, which is no longer maintained by BSI. Eurocodes 0 and 1 relate to general principles of structural design, and should be consulted alongside EC5.

This section lists a range of ways that we can help you to design using EC5.


Design software

Select the most efficient timber cross-sections for your design, and identify appropriate connections in an instant with TRADA’s EC5-compliant Timbersizer and Connections software. More information on Eurocode 5 design tools


TRADA's service provider Exova BM TRADA runs regular public, and in house training courses on designing to Eurocode 5 standard


Telephone helpline

Contact our telephone helpline on +44 (0)1494 569601 to speak to our engineers. TRADA Members are able to use the phone line for free.


British and European Standards

Many new British, European and International Standards are continually added and updated in the TRADA Bookshop for purchase. A List of British Standards relating to timber is also updated on a regular basis, located in the Technical Information Library on the TRADA website.

A bespoke Standards monitoring service is also available via our bookshop. You will receive a monthly update based on the list you supply of standards held, advising you of any changes (or not), to ensure your standards are always kept up to date.

If you are interested in our standards monitoring service or you cannot locate a standard in our bookshop, please contact the Publications Team on +44 (0)1494 569602 or and we will add it to the Bookshop for you.