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TRADA image 31/10/2018

The Macallan Distillery and Visitor Experience

The first sight of the new distillery and visitor centre for The Macallan is a row of five meadow-topped domes, rising gently in the Speyside landscape. Closer in, you see that the dome roof is raised above ground, revealing, through...

TRADA image 25/09/2018

Maggie’s Oldham

Maggie’s Centres were established to offer a safe and welcoming place for people affected by cancer, where they can receive practical and emotional support to lift their spirits and to draw on hidden strengths. There are now 21 centres, all...

TRADA image 24/08/2018

Cowan Court, Churchill College, Cambridge

Churchill College, Cambridge, founded in 1958, was a pioneer in the radical expansion of university education and its ten brick and concrete courtyards, (or ‘courts’ to use the Cambridge term) were one of the first Brutalist buildings in the UK,...

TRADA image 25/07/2018

Cedars Hall, Wells Cathedral School, Wells, Somerset

Wells Cathedral School, founded in AD909, is renowned for music and one of just five in the country to offer specialist musical education to school children. Over the years it has grown; its 700 pupils learn and board in various...

TRADA image 26/06/2018

Command of the Oceans, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent

‘A dock finished for the finest fleet the sun ever beheld, built lately by our gracious sovereign Elizabeth’ is a 1606 description of the naval dockyard in Chatham, on the river Medway. It grew to cover 400 acres, laid out...

TRADA image 24/05/2018

Art and Design Building, Bedales School, Hampshire

When Bedales School opened in 1893 it was the first co-educational boarding school, with close links to the Arts and Crafts movement and a philosophy which emphasised the importance of arts, craft and drama in a child’s development. It also...

TRADA image 20/04/2018

Feilden Fowles Studio, Waterloo, London

Oasis Farm Waterloo is an urban farm, tucked away in the heart of London, next to Waterloo Station, just to the south of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. It is the site of a new timber-framed studio designed...

TRADA image 28/03/2018

Rievaulx Abbey Visitor Centre, Helmsley, Yorkshire

The ruins of Rievaulx Abbey, on the North York Moors, are the remains of one of the great medieval abbeys of England, founded in 1132 and a powerful and spiritually renowned centre of Cistercian monasticism, with 650 monks living there...

TRADA image 28/02/2018

Belarusian Memorial Chapel, Woodside Park, London

When the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl exploded in 1986, it devastated the land and people of Belarus with radioactive fallout, contaminating a quarter of the country. A new timber chapel commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of that terrible event, which...

TRADA image 30/01/2018

Hastings Pier, Hastings

Hastings Pier, winner of the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize, is a 21st century re-creation of the Victorian pleasure pier, designed as a sustainable and flexible platform to host all sorts of activities - funfairs, festivals, markets and major music events...

TRADA image 14/12/2017

The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care, Bath

The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care (NICU) at the Royal United Hospital in Bath cares for more than 500 premature and sick newborn babies each year; it has been designed as a template to show how good, sustainable healthcare design...

TRADA image 21/11/2017

Coastal House, Devon

The practice 6a architects has reconfigured and extended a large early-twentieth century house in Devon. The house itself seemed initially unremarkable but the location is extraordinary; it stands close to the coast with extensive views of the sea and is...

TRADA image 25/10/2017

Gloucester Services

‘A beacon of hope for hungry drivers looking for quality food’ was how an eminent restaurant critic described Gloucester Motorway Services, which recently opened between junctions 11a and 12 of the north and south bound sides of the M5 near...

TRADA image 26/09/2017

Sunbeams Music Centre, Penrith, Cumbria

Sunbeams Music Centre is a unique building with a powerful story at its heart. It is dedicated to helping children with special needs, some of them desperately disabled, and improving their health and wellbeing through the power of music. Its...

TRADA image 29/08/2017

Harmondsworth Barn, Harmondsworth, Middlesex

The Great Barn at Harmondsworth is the largest timber-framed medieval building in the country and one of the few surviving: a magnificent and remarkably preserved Grade I-listed building which is nearly a thousand years old. The oak structure and oak...

TRADA image 24/07/2017

Wood Chip Barn

Most timber used in buildings today is machined, glued and fabricated, creating standard products from what was a very non-standard element, a tree. Yet trees have an inherent, natural strength and geometry; the branching forks of a standing tree show...