Timber Expo 2018 hits a high note

Timber Focus Theatre at Timber Expo 2018, organised and brought to you by TRADA


Prepare to be informed, engaged, educated and above all entertained when TRADA takes centre stage once again at Timber Expo 2018.


A glittering panel of hosts and speakers will bring their talent, knowledge and a passion for wood to this prestigious three-day event, which includes a mix of key CPD topics fire design, beautifully designed timber building case studies, and lively debate all interspersed with a marimba virtuoso performance.



Key technical topics

Each morning will start with an insightful introduction to two key fire design topics:

  • Specification and regulatory requirements for timber cladding
  • Correct detailing and installation of timber fire resistant doorsets


In the afternoon we will include the following sessions:


Building timber buildings as high as a tree

  • The key design considerations to be taken when building tall with timber;
  • Identifying the limiting factors;
  • Lessons that have been learned to date.


Designing CLT for durability

  • The importance of and methods for preventing moisture ingress during construction;
  • Design details to prevent leaking roofs and elsewhere;
  • Repair methods for when the plumbing leaks.


Making the right connection

  • Choosing the best connection for each application;
  • Considerations when making bespoke connections;
  • Designing components which are both the panel and the connection.


Find out more about each seminar - Download the three-day programme below 

 Seminar Programme      Seminar Topics



Aspirational timber building Case Studies

The programme also includes a stellar list of celebrated architects, whose award-winning designs are just some of over 100 beautiful and innovative timber projects which feature in TRADA’s ever-popular online case study area.


Mawson Kerr talks about designing Sunbeams Music Centre, a stunning timber building which brings hope, beauty and a sense of well-being to severely disabled children and adults in the heart of rural Cumbria.


Feilden Fowles provides a fascinating insight into their new studio, a demountable barn-like building built on a half-acre farm in the centre of London. Meanwhile, Knox Bhaven shares a collection of their favourite bespoke, private, residential projects.


Chat show debates

TRADA welcomes discussion and debate. Visit the Timber Focus Theatre and throw in your ‘two-pennyworth’ as an entertaining line-up of high-profile guests, tackle the timber nuts that are difficult to crack. Subjects include:

  • Harnessing the full potential of multi-disciplinary teams, including top tips on how to achieve a harmonious, professional working relationship that helps top timber talent achieve their full potential.
  • How to best prepare students of design for the world of practice.


Magnificent marimba

Soak up the mellow sounds of the marimba at various short intervals during the day. TRADA hopes to secure the performance of The BBC Young Musician percussion winner of 2016 to astound you with their musicianship and dexterity on the marimba.


Complimentary light refreshments

TRADA is delighted to share its vast timber knowledge and inspire people to build high quality, beautiful constructions in wood. Meet the team at the Timber Focus Theatre at the start or the end of each day and enjoy complimentary light refreshments.


Exclusive discount on exhibiting

Timber Expo, part of UK Construction Week, is a must for anyone selling or specifying timber. TRADA members receive an exclusive 10% discount on stand rates at Timber Expo. To find out more about taking a stand at Timber Expo, please contact Andy Manka at Media 10 on 0203 225 5246 or andy.manka@media-ten.com.



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